Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finishing up on a project for Joint Venture Marketing project

Hello to all friends,

I am working on a few projects and should roll out a joint venture marketing campaign eventually, i have a guru interested in my concept and i have to make sure everything is perfect before i present the deal.

I shall keep you posted.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Joint Venture Marketing Guru Answers

Hi all JV Here,
I emailed a email marketing guru a week ago and i asked for his JV partnership and he agreed to be a Jv partner for my up and comming email website. This is great news and i have lots of work ahead of me and hope to turn this project into reality by early 2007.

I believe in Joint Venture Marketing and if it works out it can do very well for me and all my joint venture partners.

You will know more as i know more and i hope to get this project going soon, take care.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Joint Venture Marketing = WIIFM!

Hello To all of my dear friends,

My name is Jabber and I am an entrepreneur and I love to help others how to succeed, I have always cared to help others and although not many return the favor thats ok. Todays lesson is based on one of the most important aspects of Joint Venture Marketing and that is " What's In It For Me", this is very important when you are trying to setup a joint venture. Let me give you an example, when i am trying to make a joint venture with a top internet guru i will give them a 65% cut of my profits and i will take 35%. You may say that this is crazy but understand this, this guru is more famous than i am and their lists of customers and networks are much larger than mine so if they agree then its a great deal for me and for the guru.

This is how all of the top joint ventures are done and one day when you become a top guru then someone will give your 65% of their profits.

point: remember to let the other person know what is in it for them and make it very attractive and lucrative for them.

To Your Unlimited Success,
J V.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Latest Joint Venture

Hi all Jabber here,

I am always looking for the next project that involves a great partner and I sent an email to one of the top internet marketing gurus this morning and asked for his support on a project that i will let you folk on in soon. This is my second big joint venture proposal and lets hope it turns out ok. I will fill you in later.......

To your Unlimited Success,
J V.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Joint Venture Marketing

Hello to all,

I am Jabber an internet entrepreneur and marketing professional, the purpose of this blog to to let you know about joint ventures and how powerful they are. If you are a professional business person with a product or customer base then joint ventures are perfect for you, if you know how to arrange a joint venture and match up a product owner + a Customer base individual then you can act as abroker.

I am going to roll out some joint ventures which will consist of my own products, other people's products, and favors, if you have any interest then please keep comming back to my blog for all the latest information, deals, insider marketing that only you will have access to.

You can reach me about your joint venture deals and questions @

To your unlimited success my friends,
J V.